Thank you for being a valued client of AllCampaigns!


Back in December 2015, AllCampaigns officially launched with home office approval. In less than a year we greatly increased the number of Allstate agents who are systematically engaging with their clients through a proprietary and very unique email marketing system. One that is personal, builds rapport and is unlike anything on the market today. 


Unfortunately, we need to immediately shut down our system, ceasing and desisting any and all use of AllCampaigns across the country.


I am working with our home office team in an effort to bring AllCampaigns back as soon as possible. However as you know, the wheels inside the big house turn rather slowly. At this time we do not have a time frame for the system to be up and running again. 

Rest assured AllCampaigns is not going away and we are working overtime to bring back the best email marketing system available to the Allstate Agency force. As the owner of AllCampaigns, I wish to personally thank you for your support and look forward to partnering with you in your efforts to engage your clients in the very near future. 

My best wishes for years of continued success. 

Mark Noffsinger

AllCampaigns Owner

Any questions should be directed to Before doing so, please review the Q&A below.


Questions & Answers


1. What triggered this event?

Allstate is reviewing all of their vendors. Those that are Executive Advantage approved and those that have yet to be approved. Allstate is reviewing all vendors whose software is used to communicate with the Allstate client. Specifically, those using email outside of the Allstate Outlook system.

2. Didn't Allstate give prior approval for using AllCampaigns?

Absolutely they gave prior approval! However with all companies and in light of client privacy issues, Allstate is reviewing all areas of client communication. Specifically, the use of communication software outside of the Allstate system. 

3. What does the Agency Standards say about Email Communication with Clients?

The R3001 Agreement and its incorporated materials state that all business emails must be sent from the agency owner’s or agency employee's company provided email address. Emails to consumers must not be sent from email accounts not provided by Allstate.

Allstate takes protecting personal information seriously and steps are taken by the company to help ensure that the proper privacy and security controls are in place to protect consumer’s personal information. Allstate provides its “Authorized Users” (which includes Exclusive agents, Exclusive Financial Specialist, and Allstate Agency staff) with an email application so that authorized users may communicate on business matters more efficiently to serve customers and accomplish the Allstate business goals.

4. Is there a person or persons the Agent or Agency Staff could voice their concern in losing AllCampaigns and what affect this may have on their business?

It would be easy to list our Home office leadership team. However in respect to their time and to collect everyone’s opinion, please send all opinions by email to

I will collect all responses and forward them to the appropriate person.

5. Can we still use the printed cards feature (Birthday Cards, Sympathy Cards, Get Well Cards, Call Me cards, etc.) while Allstate reviews the Email System?


6. What will happen to Billing?

AllCampaigns will stop any reoccurring credit card charges immediately. AllCampaigns will also reimburse any partial month payments. The Agency will only be charged for the amount of monthly time used. 

All questions or concerns should be directed to

Thank you again for your support. We look forward to working with Allstate to make AllCampaigns available to the agency force as soon as possible. The Agency force should take pride in having a company that goes to such great lengths to protect our client’s data over all Vendor platforms who work outside the Allstate Outlook system.

AllCampaigns is an online subscription service for Insurance Agents and their Licensed Sales Professionals who want to accelerate business relationships and foster strong connections. AllCampaigns offers messages and graphics that can be used in emails, invitations, marketing emails, newsletters, and printed cards. It combines powerful marketing tools with friendly pre-written and customizable messages to give you the perfect formula to follow up, build your network, and grow your business.